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Toner for Canon Imagerunner 2230, 2270, 2830, 2870, 3530, 3570 & 4570 copier

Our Toner is compatible with Part Number Canon 9629A003AA & 9634A003AA. Use this Toner Cartridge for your Canon Imagerunner 2230, 2270, 2830, 2870, 3530, 3570 & 4570 Copier. Our compatible Canon GPR-15/GPR-16/ NPG-26/ EXV11/12 Toner Cartridge contains 1,219 Grams of Toner. Each Toner Cartridge will Print 21,000 Pages at 5% Coverage. We feature a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Questions? Call us toll free at: 1-800-434-9011.


Ganson Manufacturing and Quality Control Process for Your Canon Toner Cartridge. Experience the ISO 9001 Difference.

  • We do not use the Cheap Toner and Cheap Parts Flooding the Marketplace. No B Grade Supplies Ever! We Proudly mention the Parts we use.
  • Our ImageRunner 2230, 2270, 2830, 2870, 3530, 3570 & 4570 Toner Cartridge is Specifically Designed for Canon Copier Part Number 9629A003AA & 9634A003AA.
  • All of our Toner Cartridges are Filled with the Precise Gram Weight Required for your Canon Image runner 2230, 2270, 2830, 2870, 3530, 3570 & 4570  Copier.
  • Your Canon Copier Toner Cartridge is filled to the top with IMEX Toner. All of our Toner exceeds Canon Copier Standards.
  • Each batch of  Copier Toner is specifically built for the Heat Requirement of your Canon Copier. Each Copier generates different melting points for Toner. Generic Toner will not print Correctly and may Damage your Canon Copier.
  • All Developers and Waste Receptacles are Built Specifically for your Canon Copier. We do not MisMatch Items that Almost Fit.
  • Print testing occurs on each Finished IR 2230, IR 2270, IR 2830, IR 2870, IR 3530, IR 3570 & IR 4570  Toner Cartridge. Each Sample Page is Inspected for Gray Scale Quality. 
  • We drop test .5% of Finished Canon Copier Toner Containers. We use the more Expensive Corrugated Boxes for Shipping your Canon Copier Toner. The Canon Toner Container is Dropped Eight Times per Corrugated Box Side. The Corrugated Box is Opened to Verify Fitness for Use on our Packed Canon Toner Cartridges.

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Tel 1-800-434-9011, Fax 602-277-5181

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