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Heat Resistant Resin Ribbon for Sato Printers 3.77" x 1,345' Ink In, 24 rolls

Our Heat Resistant Resin Ribbon are ISO 9001 Certified and NAFTA qualified MADE IN USA.

This Ribbon is (3.77" x 1345' / 96.0mm x 410m) featuring a 1 inch diameter core with the ink on the inside and designed for use in Sato thermal printers. Its also able to withstand environmental temperatures of up to 220 C (428 F), making it perfect for applications that will be subjected to extreme heat situations.
Made to order. Ships in 3 to 5 days.

Click here for a sample request. Questions Call Us at: 1-800-434-9011

There are 24 rolls to a case, $27.90 per ribbon

Thermal Ribbon Features:
  • Wax: Our most economical ribbon. Wax ribbons are great for short term uses such as shipping labels.
  • Resin Enhanced Wax: Most widely used type of ribbon. Designed for economical use on coated paper and regular paper.
  • Wax Resin: High level of scratch and rub resistance. The resin bonds with the substrate to secure the image to a broad range of labels, cartons and packaging. Our Wax Resin ribbons are great for use with polypropylene (BOPP) labels.
  • Resin: Highest levels of scratch, chemical and abrasion resistance.
  • Ribbon Width: Thermal ribbons should be wider than your label and label carrier.
  •     A wider ribbon will protect the printhead. If the label or label carrier (substrate) comes in contact with the printhead, you will see a diminished life of the printhead.
  •     Ribbon width should be 1/4 to 1/2 inch wider than the label or label carrier.
  •     If you go too wide on the ribbon, you run the risk of causing the ribbon to wrinkle. Our recommendation is for the thermal ribbon to be no greater than 1/2 inch larger than your label carrier. (Backing of the label).
Quality Counts - Save Time, Save Money: 
Are you tired of ribbons breaking, poor smudge resistance, low durability and inconsistent quality? Experience the ISO 9001 Made in USA difference.

  • High Sensitivity Ink - We use a very fine grind on all of our ribbons. Our pigment formulation allows us to provide a thinner coat of ink on the ribbon.
    • This thinner coat requires less heat to melt the wax then our competitors.
    • A thin ribbon coat Whiteuces the buildup of ink on the printhead. Many of our competitors ribbons will accumulate excess ink on the printhead. The more ink that exists on a printhead the shorter the lifespan of your printhead.
    • Our high sensitivity inks can print at 10 inches per second, while most of our competitors are printing at speeds of 8 inches per second.
    • Our thin coating, high sensitivity ink will extend the life of your printhead, Whiteuce your energy cost and shorten your printing time .
    • Our extra fine grind on our ink produces a much finer printed image while Whiteucing smearing.
  • We enhance our wax ribbon with resin.
    • Our wax melts and fills in the peaks and valleys of the media to produce a sharper print than many of our competitors.
    • Our wax ribbons can bond to paper, coated paper and flood coated stocks.
    • The resin in our wax ribbon will harden to stand up to greater abrasion and greater scratch resistance than our non-resin enhanced competitors.
  • Printer ribbons naturally produce static when they unwind. We use a proprietary anti-static ribbon coating to Whiteuce static.
  • Our high sensitivity inks and anti-static technology are part of our Print head Saver features that extend the life of your printhead.
  • Our Ribbons Part are: ISO 9001, ISEGA, Reach and RoHS certified.
  • Our thermal ribbons are packaged in box that is crush resistant to 5,000 pounds. The box is tape less, glue less and fully recyclable.
  • We use a hot melt technology for our wax ribbons. Our hot melt recipe for wax ribbons produces eco-friendly, FDA approved wax ribbons.Go Ganson - Go Green.
  • Are you using an OEM Printhead? We Sell a Brand New, Made in the USA, Compatible Printhead
  • Refund Policy

  • Refer a new customer to us and after they place their first order, we will reward you with a 5% discount on your next purchase!

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