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Troy MICR Secure Toner

Check Fraud versus Troy Micr Secure

TROY MICR Toner Secure for your HP Laserjet Printer contains an embedded red security agent. This Micr toner agent is activated when touched by the common eradication chemicals used to wash a check or document. If chemical agents are applied to your document or check the embedded Micr Toner agent will produce a red stain where the MICR Toner was removed. TROY Micr Toner Secure helps to provide a high level of document and check security by preventing document fraud and check fraud due to chemical washing. 

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Check Fraud through check washing is an $815 million dollar per year growing business. Chemical alteration, also known as check washing is the process of removing information from a check or document through chemical agents and solvents. A person can wash most MICR Toner from a check and reprint with different payees and dollar amounts. Most check forgers will keep a fraudulent check negotiable by saving the original signature when they wash a check.  Acetone and acetate are the most widely used of all check washing agents. These check washing agents are found in Fingernail Polish Remover, hand cleaning solvents, varnish and lacquer remover, and other types of grease, oil, and ink cleaning solutions. Household Bleach and carpet cleaning solvents may also be used as check washing agents. These agents will erase most Micr toner from a check or document without any noticeable effect.

Our ISO  9001 Certified, Secured MICR Toner, is produced by TROY and is approved by HP for use in Hewlitt Packard Laser Printers. The TROY Micr Toner will not void the manufacturer’s warranty. Troy is designated as an HP partner and is the only partner recommended by HP for MICR Products. Your HP Laserjet Printer melts toner at a different heat point than other laser printers. The Troy Micr Secure formula in your cartridge has been designed to melt at the precise heat point required by your HP laser printer.

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