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Label Considerations Before ordering

  1. What is the application? How is the label being used?
    • Is it going to be put on a box, in a warehouse?
    • Is the label going to be marking a part in a manufacturing process?
  2. What will the label be subjected to?
    • What is the serviceable life of the label? How long does the label need to last once applied.
    • Is it for indoor or outdoor use? Will the label be exposed to rain, temperature variations.
    • Will it be exposed to direct UV light?
    • Will it be subject to any solvents?
  3. What are the adhesive' requirements?
    • What specific surface (substrate) will the label be applied upon? Various surfaces can affect the type of adhesive which can be used on the substrate.
      Not all adhesives will provide the correct kind of grip depending on the surface.
    • What is the temperature at the time of application? Ex: If flash frozen right after label. Will there be change in temperature?
    • What is the serviceable temperature range?
  4. How is the label applied?
    • Manual or auto applied? This can make a difference in the type of liner used.
  5. How is the label printed?
    • Are you printing the label?
    • Are you printing direct thermal or thermal transfer? Each requires different face stock. Direct thermal is a specialized face stock.
    • If thermal transfer do you need thermal ribbons?
  6. What is the make / model of the printer?
    • Make sure the diameter of the roll will fit in the printer.
    • Some printers use 1 inch cores and other 3 inch. Verify before ordering.
  7. Is this an existing label or a new application?
    • If existing can you provide us with a sample?
  8. Do you need to match a specific material, or is a compatible okay?
  9. Are there any issues or areas for improvement with your current label?
    • Some issues than can be improved upon are label strength or adhesive strength.
  10. What is the quantity they need? (Monthly, Annual)

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What is the application
What will the label subjected to
What are the adhesive's requirements
How is the label applied
How is the label printed
Make/model of printer
Existing application, if not can we get sample
Is specific material needed
Ares for improvement
Quantity needed

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